Jamie’s Top 3 Filmmaking Podcasts

I listen to a lot of podcasts. Unfortunately, my “day” job takes me about an hour to get to everyday and an hour back. The plus side is I can fill that time up by listening to podcasts. It’s something I truly look forward to doing as I get ready for the day.I have favourite overall podcasts that are a staple of my commute. Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier classic SMODCAST is still there. I actually had the pleasure of going to a live Smod in June in Vancouver. Yes, Dan and I both went to a live podcast. Try explaining that to your wife. I got a blank stare.
But this list is more focused on my favourite filmmaking related podcasts. Sure Smodcast is film related and some episodes are truly inspiring for filmmakers, I would say the majority have nothing to do with movie making. But it is still a very fun pod and I highly recommend it.

Here are Jamie’s Top 3 Filmmaking Podcasts

3. SMovieMakers with Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith interviews filmmakers and other film personnel in this pod. Some of my favourite podcasts have been on this show. I hadn’t even watched LOOPER, until the director Rian Johnson was on SMovieMakers. I think that was a great flick and I don’t think I would have watched it without listening to his interview with Kevin Smith. The 4 part Penny Marshall interviews are also very good. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be a podcast that is produced all that often, but if you are looking for some great stories about making movies then give SMovieMakers a try.

2. Film Trooper with Scott McMahon
Scott McMahon is a filmmaker from Portland and his podcast/brand Film Trooper is a great place to rethink the way we look at movie making. It has been a great inspiration. The basic concept of his brand is to turn artists and filmmakers into entrepreneurs, or at least think a little more entrepreneurial. He has a wide range of different guests that lend credence to his idea and basic thoughts on how movies are distributed now. I highly recommend the podcast and also don’t forget to check out the overall brand site as well.

1. The Movie Crypt with Adam Green and Joe Lynch
The Movie Crypt is a podcast that I stumbled upon about a year ago. The particular episode was an interview with Darren Lynn Bousman by hosts Adam Green and Joe Lynch. It was fantastic and I have stuck around ever since. I have quickly became a big geek with this podcast and even have became a fan of Adam and Joe as filmmakers, although I had very little knowledge of them before. Adam and Joe are both successful directors and creators, but it’s the episodes where they delve deep into the underbelly of the Hollywood system that I really enjoy. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who enjoys movies in anyway and especially if you want to try and “make it”. It’s one of those podcasts that holds very little back, is very sincere and at times hilarious.

To prove how geeky I am about The Movie Crypt, I even made a quick animation based on a in-joke from Episode 78 surrounding the Frankie Goes To Hollywood “Relax” music video. Viewer discretion is advised.

I would love to know what you are listening to, so don’t hesitate to post your favourites in the comments.

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