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Resources that we use and also free downloads and templates for you to use.

FREE HD Drone Aerial Stock Footage!

In June 2016, I bought a DJI Phantom 4 Drone. It’s been fantastic and fun to use for video work. I am giving away some of my favourite footage I have shot in this time for you to use in your own productions. Sign up to my VIDEO RESOURCES newsletter and get full HD versions of this footage. Check out our 4k Aerial Stock Footage

Free eBook “Gear We Used to make our $500 Feature Film”

Wondering what we used to make our feature film ‘The Wrong People’ for $500?     Sign-up to our newsletter and get our FREE eBOOK checklist “Gear We Used to make our $500 Feature Film” As well as getting our free ebook, you will also receive access to other free filmmaking material, templates and recommendations from our newsletter.