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Jamie and Dan Francis (The Francis Brothers) bring you NIMPODS. A podcast about filmmaking and life, plus everything in between.

Nimpods 16 “WTF, 3 Years?”

We’re back! After a 3 year hiatus, the Nimpods are back. Jamie and Dan Francis (also known as the Francis Brothers) bring you episode 16 of the Nimpods podcast. Talking kids, doing manly yard work, working in movies, playing baseball in the house, Teen Wolf the show and Teen Wolf the movie and also a somewhat radical idea on how they want to make their new movies.

Nimpods 15 “Season Two Two”

Dan and Jamie (The Francis Bros) talk a record number of topics in a short period of time. Current projects/scripts they are working on, hanging out in Kitchener-Waterloo, create the lamest movie idea based on an aunt’s facebook status and just non-sense. *Looking back on this is very interesting. We talk about the birth of Dan’s son Cal for the first time and also talk about writing the script to our feature we have shot and almost completed, The Wrong People.

Nimpods 13 “Halloween Poo Poo”

Jamie and Dan come together and give you a laser focused halloween episode. Quite the opposite actually, they talk Pogs, halloween costumes of the past, crappy candy, Chris Angel ‘Illusions’, Hellraiser, Fat Audible cash, Tell Em Steve Dave, Siberian Hell Sounds and Cryptozoic Man to name just some topics.