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14 Tips and Advice For Beginner Filmmakers

Are you a beginning filmmaker needing some quick tips and advice? Have you made some videos but just haven’t came out any good? I have wanted to make this video for sometime now, so without further adieu, here are my 14 Tips and Advice for video makers just starting out or needing a little help.

Quick Color Grading Trick

This is a quick tutorial on how to use Adobe After Effects and the RGB color spaces to create a certain look you are looking for with your videos. This technique can also be used really effectively to merge chroma key footage with background plates.

Parallax Effect: How To Animate a Photo or The 2.5D Effect Using After Effects and Photoshop

Extensive step by step tutorial on how to create a cool video clip from a photograph. Giving a photograph some life using After Effects and Photoshop. Photo Source:–lot53555.aspx