Inspirational Advice for Filmmakers on YouTube

If you are looking for inspiration for your film or your dream of becoming a filmmaker, here is a great list to get started with. These are all clips I have found at one time or another that really puts the ‘aspiring’ filmmaker title in question. If you aspire to be a filmmaker, you are already one. You never need someone to say that you are a filmmaker. Just be one. Go write a short film or shoot a music video. We are living in a great time to make movies. To steal from a filmmaker I admire, Scott McMahon from “Film production is no longer a barrier.” The basic equipment to make a great looking and sounding film is very inexpensive now. Just go and do it! If you need a little more push, here are my Inspirational Advice for Filmmakers on YouTube. Some clips have a little bit of salty language.

This is a 8 minute compilation of a ton of great advice. If you watch just one of these, you might just need this one.

You don’t really see him in this, but some advice from the great Edgar Wright.

A little salty language on this one, but great advice from John Singleton.

The Legendary Robert Rodriguez 10-Minute Film School. This really goes hand in hand with his classic book Rebel Without A Crew. If you haven’t read it, it doesn’t need any promotion. It’s amazingly inspiring. You can purchase it on Amazon through my affiliate link if you like.

I would replace “kids” with anyone, but a quick video with Steven Spielberg.

Hope this got you up and started on your next movie!

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  1. What a delightful surprise to get a shout out from you, Jamie. Thank you so much. And this post is great! I love all the work you did to collect these videos.

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