Ready to go on an Adventure In Backyard Filmmaking?

Making movies with limited resources, time and money can be very difficult. Learn from us as we trial and error our micro budget “backyard indie” movies!

Thanks a lot for stopping by our site, I have a hunch that you are here to possibly learn from what we have done to create and market your own backyard independent films.

We plan to have a slew of content on this site pertaining to our latest feature that we are almost wrapped shooting on called The Wrong People.

Ricky Myers as Uncle Mike

Rick Myers as Uncle Mike in The Wrong People

We shot it for about $500.

Do you want to come along and follow us from completion to release and see how our plans go? Think of this website as a crash test in an ‘alternate’ way of making and releasing a movie.

It’s not a strange concept. We are basically going to be following very effective internet marketing tactics, but we still have no clue if it will be a success.

Who knows until you try, right?

In my very first Adventures In Backyard Filmmaking podcast with guest Scott McMahon, he mentions that “someone is going to upload a dirt cheap movie and sell a million copies”.

Maybe that could be you?

It’s not easy making movies with limited resources, time and money but we couldn’t imagine doing it any other way. Instead of shooting a money hose at problems that arise, you have to come up with creative ways to solve them.

Creativity over money. That has always been our philosophy.

Thanks again for coming along for the ride with us and I hope you to hear from you on your own “Adventure In Backyard Filmmaking”.

We have setup our Top Getting Started Articles for a very nice starting point for you. These are intro articles that delve into all aspects of production and marketing your movie.
Check them out below!

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