ABF0: The Adventures in Backyard Filmmaking Podcast with Jamie Francis

Episode ZERO of The Adventures in Backyard Filmmaking Podcast

Are you ready to go on an Adventure In Backyard Filmmaking? This podcast is for the low budget independent filmmaker who is looking for a new and creative way to improve writing, financing, shooting, editing, producing and SELLING their movies. The landscape for indie filmmaking is changing, follow along as host Jamie Francis implements different tactics and see what works and what doesn’t when releasing a no budget backyard indie.

Show Notes for Episode Zero

Are you a no-budget backyard filmmaker and have questions about how to make and/or sell your movie?

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Jamie Francis

Jamie Francis

The better looking half of the Francis Brothers filmmaking team.

4 Responses

  1. This is great Jamie! Keep it up. I think you guys have a unique selling position that you’re twins. So, your tag line should be something along those lines, where you say something and then Dan says something. Kind of like “Hans and Frans” of Saturday Night Live, when they say, “We’re here to pump you up”. Haha. Anyway, I think you get the idea. You guys have a great opportunity to be those brothers who corner the market of Backyard filmmaking, but done with your personalities.

    • Thanks a lot Scott! Some great suggestions. It’s interesting because the twin thing we have never exploited before. It’s something we do need to embrace more. Thanks for everything!

  2. Rick Meyers says:

    Awesome Job Jamie!!!!! Your passion for “Backyard Film making” is powerful. I will support you both in your future endeavors. So you just gonna have “Film Makers” or you gonna have some folks who like “Back Yard” film making from a sound perspective? Make-up? and of course acting? See you soon and keep me in the loop for the next podcast!

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